Since millions will see your logo, it's critical to start your project on a sound foundation.

There are several factors that determine the success of your project. Roof Logos will be there to help you make educated decisions on:

  • Logo Size

  • Building Location

  • Logo Orientation

  • Layout

  • Visibility

  • Material

  • Color


A roof logo will be very effective in building brand awareness to both domestic and international audiences. Roof Logos provides you with air traffic statistics, flight patterns, and simulated views from various altitudes for your local airport.

2007 Airports Council International chart displaying Top Ten Airport Traffic with Atlanta ranking at number one

What's the first step?

A thorough roof inspection is the best place to start. Roof Logos recommends and can provide roof inspections and surveys complete with photographs, infrared scans, and explanations of any deficiencies.

How accurate will my logo be?

Your logo layout and colors need to be accurately represented. Roof Logos works directly with your marketing department and graphic designers to make sure your brand is accurately reproduced. To accomplish this, Roof Logos:

  • Matches your official corporate PMS or CMYK colors
  • Provides color samples on opacity charts for approval
  • Submits detailed drawings for approval
  • Provides high quality digital aerial photographs upon project completion.


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Additional FAQ's

Roof Logos brand products include a 10-year material warranty.

Roof Logos works closely with your roof system manufacturer to ensure our application process does not affect your roof warranty. In fact, Roof Logos products are pre-approved by most major roof material manufacturers.

Roof Logos’ extensive approval process includes in-depth communication with your marketing department. Color samples and conceptual images are provided to make sure you are satisfied before application of your logo begins.

Estimated project completion ranges from 4 to 6 weeks from date of contract acceptance.

In most cases, no maintenance is required. Optional inspection and minor repair services are available for a nominal fee.

Full payment is required upon project completion and receipt of invoice. For verification purposes, detailed aerial photographs will accompany the invoice.

  • Roof material, type, age, and condition
  • Logo design and complexity
  • Project location
  • Project accessibility
  • Logo size

Average installed price varies depending mainly on size and complexity of the logo.  Roof Logos will assist you in determining proper size based on your specific project requirements and budget.