FTX Arena

FTX Arena CHALLENGES Tight deadline – logo had to be completed within two weeks of receiving materials to meet customer’s deadline coinciding with primetime televised game Squaring the circle – orienting a logo of squares and square lettering on an oval shaped roof Logistics – completed in busy “downtown” area of Miami which limited use…

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Floor & Decor

Floor & Decor CHALLENGES Installed on a portion of the roof riddled with multiple kinds of penetrations that were included in the coated areas Had to make one major design adjustment once installation had begun and still delivered an on-time completion Installed in a single mobilization nearly 900 miles from home office during a pandemic…

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BMW CHALLENGES Highly detailed logo that required multiple stages of taping and coating to create the correct propeller icon Installed during winter months, requiring constant monitoring of the weather and the coating process to guarantee the highest quality Layout of the logo was in a small space with multiple penetrations FUN FACTS This logo is…

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Aerial view of Kuehne + Nagel's Rooftop with Roof Logo applied by Roof Logos

Kuehne + Nagel CHALLENGES Multiple RTU’s Large scale radius that spanned the roof’s ridgeline Maintaining a clean coated surface while grading work was ongoing at adjacent site. FUN FACTS The diameter of the anchor is 155 feet The overall width of the logo is 100 feet wider than the length of 2 Boeing 747s end…

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Aerial view of Duke Realty's Rooftop with Roof Logo applied by Roof Logos

Duke Realty CHALLENGES Proving the concept of Roof Logos, given this was our first logo. FUN FACTS Our first logo (installed in 2007) 2 charter buses could easily fit within each of the three green leaves of the logo. LET’S MAKE A MASTERPIECE. Ready. Set. Paint. Back to Portfolio

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Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia roof logo project

Mercedes-Benz Stadium CHALLENGES New construction, high-profile project Working around and coordinating with many other trades Required developing a new process (specific to this project) to maintain precision of the brand at large scale FUN FACTS It would take 10 Mercedes-Benz S550 4MATIC coupes placed end to end to cover the width of each logo. LET’S…

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Seagis CHALLENGES We installed this logo while the smoke from the Canadian wildfires blanketed the city After the design instructions were made, the tenant added roof penetrations, which meant we had to make adjustments on the fly. FUN FACTS From point to point of the star is 157’, which is about half of the height…

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